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6 Reasons to Ramp Up Your Job Search Efforts This Summer

July 3rd, 2012

Summer vacation is here – and that means your job search is about to go on holiday, right? Wrong!

Even though summer may seem like a slow time for many companies, most businesses do hire during the summer months. So if you’re looking for jobs in Central Virginia – but are thinking of taking a vacation from your search this summer – you could be missing out on some great opportunities.

Here’s why:

1. Less Competition From Other Candidates.

Many job candidates do take the summer off from their job searches, which is great news for you if you continue your hunt. So while they’re lounging around the pool, or taking it easy, you can be searching for and applying to all the jobs in Central Virginia they aren’t.

2. Many Companies Want to Hire for Q4 projects.

Many projects have to get in gear come fall, and so summer is the best time to find the people necessary to staff Q4 projects.

3. Companies Ramp Up their Temporary Hiring Efforts.

For businesses in certain industries, summer is the busy season. So to deal with an increase in demand, they hire temporary help. While your ultimate goal may be full-time work, if you make a positive impression, there’s a chance that a temporary gig could turn into a permanent one.

4. More Turnover.

If an employee is going to leave their job, then summer is the time do it. These vacancies, whether expected or not, are just more opportunities for you to find a new job, particularly if a hiring manager is under pressure to hire.

5. It’s the Start of the Calendar Year.

Some companies start their fiscal year July 1, which means more money is available for hiring new people.

6. Plenty of Summer Time Networking Opportunities.

From barbecues and pool parties to weddings and garden parties, the summer offers a plethora of opportunities for networking. And, as you probably know, networking is one of the best ways to find out about jobs in Central Virginia and ask for referrals.

Want Help With Your Job Search?

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