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Finding a Job When You Have a Criminal Record

June 12th, 2012

We all make mistakes. But as one of the top employment agencies in Central Virginia, Adams & Garth knows that if you have a criminal record – even a seemingly minor one – it can come back to haunt you during your job search.

And in fact, according to a Society for Human Resource Management survey, 73% of HR managers reported that their company, or an agency hired by their company, conducted background checks on job candidates.

So if you’re in this situation, what can you do to minimize the impact of a criminal record? Here’s a look:

See If Your Record Can Be Expunged 

This doesn’t erase your criminal record, but it does limit who can have access to it. Your best bet may be to consult with a legal professional to look into this option. It might cost you to do so, but it could also be well worth it if it results in you being able to secure a job.

Change Employers Opinion About You 

Having a criminal record creates a stigma about you, warranted or not. But one way you can minimize that negative stigma is to create a more positive impression. How? By volunteering at non-profit organizations.

If an employer sees that you have a criminal record, but you also have a record of giving back to the community, those contributions – and the references and skills you gain from it – will go a long way in making a more positive impression.

Consider a Re-Entry Program 

If you’ve actually served time in jail, there are many different types of re-entry programs all over the country for those with criminal records to help them re-enter society and secure employment. These kinds of programs offer education, training, and support, and also connect job seekers with employers. All it takes is an Internet search to find one near you.

Be Honest About It 

While it’s tempting to deny your criminal record, you’ll likely be found it. And if you do get hired, your employer can fire you down the road for failing to disclose your record. So you’ll always be looking over your shoulder.

Need More Tips for Conducting an Effective Job Search?

Read this article about 8 common job search mistakes to avoid, or give Adams & Garth a call. As one of the top employment agencies in Central Virginia, we work with leading companies throughout the area and may be able to help you find a job that’s right for you. Contact Adams & Garth today.