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5 Secrets for Recruiting Gen Y Workers

June 26th, 2012

As Lynchburg recruiters, Adams & Garth knows that many companies in Lynchburg and throughout Central Virigina will begin to experience talent shortages as Baby Boomers start to retire. One way to offset the skill gap is by targeting recruiting efforts toward those in their 20s and early 30s, also known as Gen Y-ers.

But this younger generation is looking for something different from the world of work than their parents and grandparents. So what appeals to them? Here’s a look at 5 secrets for recruiting Gen Y-ers:

Secret #1: Gen Y Wants More Flexibility

Work life balance is more important to this generation than any other generation before them. These professionals want to work hard – but they also want to enjoy life and spend time with their young families. So offering a flexible schedule or the option to telecommute part-time will go a long way in recruiting this demographic.

Secret #2: Gen Y Wants to Work in a High-Tech Environment

It doesn’t seem like that long ago that computers and the Internet made their way into work environments. And today’s young professionals expect nothing less than the best when it comes to technology. They’ve grown up with it and place a high value on it in the workplace.

Secret #3: Gen Y Wants Help Advancing Their Careers

Gen Y-ers are no less ambitious than generations that came before them. However, they want support and guidance on how to advance their careers, especially in those important first few years. So offering a coaching or mentoring program will certainly appeal to them.

Secret #4: Gen Y Wants to Be Challenged

Many times, when young professionals quit and move onto greener pastures it is because they don’t feel challenged in their positions. So if you think one of your younger employees is up to the task, then offer them a chance to prove themselves with added responsibility and challenging assignments.

Secret #5: Gen Y Wants a More Casual Work Culture

Jeans and t-shirts are not necessary, but young professionals tend to want to work at places that have reputations for being casual and fun, instead of buttoned-up. Besides being more relaxed, Gen Y-ers find workplaces that are family friendly incredibly important.

Looking for Help Recruiting Young Professionals?

If you are, let Adams & Garth know. As Lynchburg recruiters, our mission is to deliver exceptional talent, whether you’re looking for someone on a temporary or contract basis, or for a full-time hire. Contact Adams & Garth today to learn more.